Circulars 2019 :

Month Subject
January Vacation schedule for the academic year 2019-2020 for Nursery to Grade XII
January Practical Examination timetable for grades IX to XI
January Class Photograph Session 2018-19
January Grade XII CBSE Board Examination Schedule
January Grade X CBSE Board Examination Schedule

Circulars 2018 :

Month Subject
January Practical Exam Timetable for Grades IX & X
January Grade IX Final Examination timetable
January Grade X Examination schedule
January 1. Grade XII Examination schedule    2.  Change in PE Examination date
January Class photograph session for KG to grade XI
January Grade XII CBSE Board Practical/Viva Examination Schedule
February Parent-Teacher Meeting : 10/02/2018
February Parent-Teacher Meeting : 17/02/2018
February Examination Centre for Grade X Board Exam:      Boys       Girls
March Change in school timings for grades I to XII      
March Grade XI Admission 2018-19     
March NSTSE Results for the year 2017-2018     
April Time table for Unit Test-1: Grade XII     
April Time table for Periodic Test-1: Grade X     
April School Parliamentary Elections 2018-19     
April 1st Parent – Teacher Meeting for KG to Grade III     
April Yara Academy for Sports: Grade IV to XII (Boys)     
April 1st Parent – Teacher Meeting for Grades IV to XII (Boys & Girls)     
April Kohinoor Yara Gavel Club for students of grades VII to XII     
April Annual Scouts & Guides Camp 2018     
April Reg. MOE’s directives to register fingerprints of all expatriate’s children above 6 years     
April Periodic Test -1 (PT-1) Timetable for Grade IX     
April Unit Test – 1 (UT-1) Timetable for Grade XI
May School timings during Ramadan        
May Bharat Scouts & Guides – Rajya Puraskar Awards Ceremony        
May Working day on 12th May 2018 (Saturday) for grades IV to XII        
May Grade XII Board Examination Results 2017-18        
May Schedule for KG to Grade V during Term End Evaluation – 1        
May Grade X Board Examination Results 2017-18        
September Teachers' Day 2018-19   
September 2nd PTM for KG to Grade III for the year 2018-19   
September 2nd PTM for Grades IV to XII for the year 2018-19   
September Yara Sports Academy Reg.    
September Investiture Ceremony for the year 2018-19   
September Winter Vacation Schedule for KG to Grade VIII   
September Gandhi Jayanti Celebrations 2018-19   
September NSTSE Examination for Grades I to XII   
October Study Holidays & Pre-Board Examination Date Sheet - Grades IX to XII   
October Industrial Visit : Grades XI & XII Commerce Stream   
October Yara Sports Academy for Grade II & III (Boys)   
October CBSE Grade IX Registration Fee 2018-19   
October CBSE Grade XI Registration Fee 2018-19   
October Time table for Unit Test-2 : Grade XI & XII   
October Time table for Periodic Test-3 : Grade IX & X   
October Child Safety Reg.   
October CBSE Grade X Examination Fee 2018-19   
October CBSE Grade XII Examination Fee 2018-19   
October Orientation Workshop for Parents of Grades IX to XII   
October Reg. Winter Wear   
November Results of XXVIII Cluster Meet 2018-19   
November Design A Diary Cover Contest 2018-19   
December Health Screening Campaign by Al Abeer Medical Center   

Circulars 2017 :

Month Subject
January Class Photograph for KG to Grade XI
January Grade XI Examination Schedule 2016-17
January a) Grade X Examination Schedule 2016-17  b) Change in TAMIL Examination date : Grade X SA-II
February PTM for Grade IV to VIII
February Information to Grade X parents : Admissions & Counseling Session
February Counseling Session : Grade IX
February Grade X SA-II Examination reg.  Boys    Girls
February Date Sheet for Grade IX SA-II 2016-17
February PTM for KG to Grade III & Grades IX to XI
February Postponement of PTM for Grades IX,X & XI
March Change in the school timings w.e.f next academic year (2017-18)
March Examination Day Timings - Grades I to VIII
March Examination Day Timings - KG
March PTM for Grades IX & X
March Day Boarding Program
March Report Card Day for Grade IX
March Grade XII Day Boarding Program
March Revised Schedule for Grade XII Day Boarding Program
April Yara Sports Academy
April RISA - AL MADINA short story writing and painting competition- 2017
April Day Boarding Program for Grade X
April 1st PTM for Grades V to XII
April Club Activities for Grades V to VIII
April Time table for Unit Test-1 : Grade XII
May Time table for Periodic Test-1 : Grades IX & X
May Time table for Unit Test-1 : Grade XI
June Results of Grade X Examination 2016-17
June Time table for Term-1 Examination : Grade XI
June Time table for Mid Term Examination : Grades IX & X
July Exam Timings & Study Holidays : Grades VI to XII
July Exam Timings & Study Holidays : KG to Grade V
September Resumption of Day Boarding Classes
September NSTSE Examination for Grades I to XII
September Holiday : Saudi National Day
September Sports Week : Kindergarten
October PTM for Grades I to III , Grade IV (Girls) & Grades IX to XII (Boys & Girls)
October Grade IX CBSE Registration Fee
October Grade XI CBSE Registration Fee
October Industrial Visit for Grades XI & XII
October Grade X CBSE Examination Fee
October Grade XII CBSE Examination Fee
November Winter wear
November Children's day celebration
November Debate Competition for grades IX to XII
November Yara Sports Academy for IV to XII (Boys)
November Periodic Test-3 for Grades IX & X
November Guides Camp at Abaha
November Winter vacation for KG to Grade VIII
November Date Sheet for Grade XII Term-II Examination
November Counseling Session titled ‘Examination Preparation & Planning’ for Grade XII students
December Higher Education Career Guidance Session for students & parents of Grades X, XI & XII
December Vacation Schedule for the year 2018-19
December Design a Diary Cover Contest
December Date Sheet for Grade XII Pre-Board Examination
December Grade XI Practical Examination schedule
December Grade XI Final Examination timetable



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