The school has an excellent transportation fleet consisting of 19 air conditioned buses, 9 of which are owned by the school and 10, out-sourced from transportation agencies. These buses ply on different routes covering various parts of the city of Riyadh. Our dedicated drivers and bus attendants ensures safety of the children transported from home to school and back. All our drivers are contactable by the parents using the assigned mobile phone numbers, in case of any query. Adequate support staff are deployed around the school apron for controlling the logistics at the time of entry and exit.

The fleet operation is subsidized by the school and a nominal transportation fee of SR 225/- per month  is collected from those children availing this service.

Details of bus routes and drivers' contact numbers:

Bus No. Name of the Driver Name of the Bus Plate # Mobile No. Route
1 SUNIL MITSUBISHI 2455 K S A 0509495489 Batha 
2 ABDUL AZIZ TOYOTA 4886 T E A 0502049604 Hara 
3 BABU TOYOTA 3829 X X A 0502533360 Roudha
4 ABDUL WAHAB MITSUBISHI 5800 Z T A 0553238331 Hara 
5 SHAMEEM MUSTAFA TOYOTA 2545 Z R A 0509973072 Gubaira
6 SHAFI MITSUBISHI 5823 Z T A 0551385114 Batha 
7 MOHAMMED  TOYOTA 3524 U G A 0596692306 Mursalat
8 HANEEFA  MITSUBISHI 5847 Z T A 0507790479 Hara 
9 MOHAMMED ALI TOYOTA 5922 D XA 0568189448 Ummul Hamam
10 KHALID TOYOTA/OUTSOURCE   0591956515 Malaz
11 SHAHID  TOYOTA/OUTSOURCE   0591423923 Malaz
13 IQBAL TOYOTA/OUTSOURCE   0592286100 Malaz -Old School
14 HUSSAIN  TOYOTA/OUTSOURCE   0599531662 Malaz -Hara
15 HABEEB TOYOTA/OUTSOURCE   0543217874 Manfuha
16 KAMRAN TOYOTA/OUTSOURCE   0597966489 Hara 
17 RAHMAN TOYOTA/OUTSOURCE   0595499828 Sulaimania
18 NASIB TOYOTA/OUTSOURCE   0591780114 Batha -Shumaisi
19 KURSHID TOYOTA/OUTSOURCE   0598380476 Malaz A-Stadium

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